Spheritis is now officially released.


Spheritis is now available on Steam its Early Access program.


What can you expect from this first release?

  •  The complete single player Campaign.
  •  30+ working Achievements.
  •  Leader boards.


What will come in next stages?

  • Controller support.
  •  Save support.
  • Advanced extra levels.
  • Additional languages for the interface.

What about Mac/Linux?

  • There is an issue with Linux crashing, the Linux release has been hold back until Unity3D fixed the issue with their engine.
    I hope to raise enough funds with this early access release to buy a Mac enabling me to export the game for it and make it available.




The game has been greenlit for quite a while now.
I am working towards a early acces release for Fall 2014 and a final release Spring 2015.

The singleplay campaign is pretty much done now.
Working on Linux and Mac versions, the last multiplayer level and general polish.
This means the game will be out for sale on this website in the comming months, hopefully soon followed by a Steam realease

Meanwhile I added a bunch screenshots taken while testing the game to the media section.

Had to reinstall the website.
Spheritis is still in development and the end is in sight.
Some new media comming soon.

Meanwhile vote for it on Steam! :-)